Napoli’s Striker “not happy” with Cavani

Napoli’s Striker “not happy” with Cavani

Napoli’s Striker “not happy” with Cavani’s decision to leave

The Italian national team coach Carlo Ancelotti has already said that he will not allow his players to become “the new Ronaldo” and Cavani is not happy with the situation.
It is obvious that the player is not satisfied with the current situation. The situation is not very good for the team, because the team is in the middle of the group. The team has to play against the team from the group of the Champions League, and the team has already lost to the team of Juventus in the Champions league.
The team has a long bench, so the players have to be ready to play in any situation. This is why the team does not have a good game, because it is not able to play with the team that is in a better position.
In the current season, the team was very close to the victory, but the team lost to Barcelona in the final. The club has a good lineup, but it does not play with a certain player.

The player’s decision has already been criticized by the fans, but he has not yet been punished. The fans are waiting for the moment when Cavani will leave the team.
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Team’s Prospects in Second Half of Season
The club is in great shape. The players have already played in the international arena, so they are not tired of it. The main problem of the team at the moment is the lack of motivation.
However, the players are ready to prove themselves, because they have already won the Champions cup. The coach Carlo has already used the tactic of not playing with the leaders, but this time the players will not be able to count on the victory.
At the moment, the fans are disappointed with the results, because Juventus is in first place of the Serie A standings. The match against Napoli is very important for the club, because if the team loses, it will be very difficult to get into the Champions Cup zone.
If the team wins, it can get into a higher position in the standings. However, the club has to be very careful, because in the next season Juventus will be much stronger than it is now.
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The fans are also waiting for Juventus to win the Champions trophy. The last time the club won it was in 1990.
This time the fans will see a lot of changes. The most obvious of them is the fact that the club will not have the same lineup. The previous season, Juventus had a very good lineup. Now, the coach has to find a new solution to the problem of not having the same players on the field.
Another problem of Juventus is the transfer ban. The transfer ban is not the only problem, because many players have left the club. The list of the players who left the team includes:
* Gattuso;
* De Ligt;
* De L’Ange;
* Vidal;

In addition, the list of players who joined the club is very long. However the most obvious is the signing of Cavani. The player will not only be able not to miss the matches, but also will be able earn a good salary.
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Latest Results of Football Matches
The season has already ended, and it was very difficult for the fans. The clubs from the lower divisions are in a bad shape, but in the first rounds they managed to get a good result.
Now, the main problem for the teams is the Champions’ League. The teams are in the group stage, and they have to play two matches. The first match is against Liverpool, and then they will have to face the team with the best record in the tournament.
After the first match, the teams will have two more matches, and if they do not win, then they can be kicked out of the tournament zone. The second match is the decisive match, and this is why it is so important for both teams to win this match.
There is a lot to play for, because there is a long tournament distance. If the teams do not have enough points, then the clubs will have a lot more problems.
One of the most important matches for the clubs is the match against the teams from the Champions zone. This match is very difficult, because at the beginning of the match, it was clear that the teams were not ready for the match. However after the first half, the match was very tense.
Liverpool managed to take the first place in the league standings, but now the teams are not in the same position. The fight for the title is very intense, and now the clubs are in great mood.
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The Serie A is the most popular football tournament in the world.